Welcome to Altmetric’s Badge documentation!

The easy-to-embed Altmetric donuts provide a colorful, distinctive and instantly recognizable visualization to help showcase the wider influence and dissemination of published content.

Each donut gives your website visitors one-click access to the collated record of online attention for each piece of research, where they can browse all of the original mentions and shares associated with it.

Realize your objectives
  • Attract new submissions : Demonstrating your commitment to helping your authors achieve broader impacts and get the attention they deserve for their work helps encourage new and repeat submissions.

  • Provide feedback for authors : Because the Altmetric data updates automatically, your teams don’t need to spend time crafting complicated reports or sifting through mountains of data to show your authors the reach that your titles has given them.

  • Showcase evidence of engagement : The Altmetric badges provide a quick and easy way of showcasing the value of your publishing program to internal and external stakeholders, such as funding institutions and editorial boards.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to advancing research : Having the badges on your site give you a chance to clearly show externally the affects of marketing and outreach activity undertaken by your teams.

Provide instant access to a world of information
  • The Altmetric Details page Clicking on the donut will bring your users to the Altmetric details page for that item, where they can explore all of the collated attention, and click through to the original source.

  • Real-time updates Details pages and badges are updated in real-time as we pick up new mentions of your research online, enabling you track the attention around your research as soon as it’s published.

  • Reliable and accurate data All of our sources are fully auditable and we ensure that the service we provide is consistently available. Altmetric isn’t just numbers - we show you who is saying what about the research.

  • Score in context To help users get an idea of how the attention for one research output compares to another, each article details pages contains a ‘score in context’ tab, so you can see how the levels of attention vary for articles published around the same time, or in the same journal.